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Why Go Cloth?

Because disposable diapers weren’t invented until 1948 and didn’t become widely popular (and affordable) until years later, chances are your mother and all her siblings did their business in CLOTH. Moms stayed home to raise kids, clean, cook and do laundry and spent more time for washing stains out of cloth than we have today –although one blog I read mentioned that cloth diapers were rarely washed over a hundred years ago and instead hung out on the line to dry and reused. People did not know of bacteria and its evil powers back then…eww.

Today, there are many more options including indoor plumbing, high efficiency washer machine’s and cloth diaper services that come and pick up your bags of dirty diapers and bring them back clean. With all the conveniences we have it is possible to GO CLOTH and not have to deal with the ICK FACTOR they managed just 65 years ago, or the time consuming hand washing the invention of the washer machine (no wonder parents jumped on the disposable diaper bandwagon when it drove by)!

However, don’t GO CLOTH just because modern conveniences have made it easier to keep clean, save money and match your baby’s outfit.

Think about the Earth. Disposable diapers are composed of plastic material and will spend lifetime's sweltering in landfills, filled with that ICK many of us wrap in the diaper and toss in the genie (it is suggested that even parents who use disposable diapers should flush their child’s stool before closing up the diaper and tossing it, but let’s face it. We’ve all had that explosion -- even the clothes went into the genie). Cloth diapers are reusable (one of the major themes in our new Green thinking society) and will help eliminate 2000 diapers a year per child from your garbage can.

GOING CLOTHis not only healthy for your wallet,with an average savings of over a $1500 during your baby’s Puffy Bum years, but is also healthy for the environment with each cloth diaper removing an average of 100 disposables from our land.

If you’ve been thinking about going Green this new year, recycling more, using less gas and reusing your products also consider GOING CLOTHand keep 2000 diapers out of the landfill for hundreds of years.

Go green, go cloth! #gocloth


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Happy Diapering!


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