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Baby Food Jars


Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just another memory of crowded stores, lightening deals, irrational people and gift bags are filled with your bank account, what will you do for the last few stragglers on your list? Teachers, mail persons, neighbors, and all the people you cannot figure out what buy (nor have the money left to buy for) usually end up getting plenty of pre-made mugs filled with candy or Dunkin’s gift cards.


Have babies at home? Course you do! That’s why you’re here!! Why not make unique gifts that will show the people on your list that they’re not just after thoughts.


New parents spend an average of $300 on store bought baby food during their babies first year of life and it comes in all those glass jars and plastic containers you just end up throwing in the recycling bin (where does all that recycling go anyway?). You can use those jars, especially during the holiday season, to make gifts for the stragglers --eh em-- I mean special people in your life. Here are two unique ideas for this week’s Twin Tips. If you don’t have babies at home or you prepare your own baby food, but love the ideas, you can purchase small mason jars at any craft store (or store that sells canning equipment) and use them too!


Twin Tip # 1: Spice Set (pictured below)


Places like the Christmas Tree Shop and CVS have spice sections where most of the spices are $1.00. You can also find plenty of baskets at The Christmas Tree Shop and places like the Dollar Tree. I found the basket below at the Salvation Army for $.50 (I know, right!), the paper covering on the jars for $1.00 in Targets Dollar Deals section and the ribbon came in a four pack from Michael’s Crafts dollar section. I know the ribbon says Fall fun, we’ll call it a little improvising!

Don’t have a spice lover on your list, create a bath set and use bath salts and body wash, fill with nuts and bolts and create a man basket. Think about what would be unique to the person you are creating it for and get crazy with your ideas!

What you’ll need:

  • Glue
  • 1 Basket
  • 2- however many baby jars you’d like
  • 2- or more spices to fill however many jars you have
  • Holiday fabric or paper
  • Ribbon
  • Stick on labels, stickers and/or paint for decoration and labeling.
  • Grass or filler for the basket

Decorate the baby jars with stickers, labels or paint. Fill with spices and cover. Glue paper or fabric to the lid and tie with ribbon. Place in basket and add embellishments. And yes, YOU’RE DONE!



Twin Tip # 2: Hot Cocoa Snow Man


Baby, it’s cold outside. You’ll need three baby jars, cocoa (you can purchase individual size cocoa packs for $.99 at most supermarkets or a whole box for around $2.00), peppermint sticks (crushed yourself or if you can find them crushed), mini marshmallows, paint or stickers, black paper and. Glue two lids to the bottom of two jars and let it dry. Fill the bottom jar with peppermint, the middle with cocoa and top with marshmallow and screw the jars together. Paint on snowman buttons and a face (don’t forget the carrot nose) or use stickers if you got em’. Add a top hat with paper and use ribbon for the scarf.


These are just two quick ideas you can create in minutes with left over unused (and cleaned, we hope) baby jars! There are many more to find with a little click of the Google button! Best of luck with your homemade holiday gifts.



Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings from Puffy Bums



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